Important notes to spouses


There is always concern expressed by spouses who are not going on the trip. While it is impossible to guarantee safety on these trips, I can assure you of all the following, which I hope will set your mind at ease:

1. I take my own wife with me each time and would not put her (or your spouse) in harm's way. If I ever felt that it was unsafe to travel to Cabo (for any of us)       the project would immediately be canceled.
2. The areas we stay in Cabo (whether at the Modano Hotel or Playa Grande) are in the heavily touristed sections of the city and very rarely does any form of
    danger or violence occur there. The Mexican government wants to maintain its tourism industry and has armed patrols out assuring this.
3. I must confess that sometimes I wonder at Americans' fears of Mexico when we, ourselves, have more shooting deaths in a greater variety of venues than
    almost any other country on earth. I am more concerned about my safety here in the USA than I am in Mexico.


While I can fully understand the desire to either participate in the project or have your children (or other family members) see it, the Amigos de los NiƱos have set a firm policy that only licensed professionals can participate in the clinic setting. The clinic, itself, is a small room that contains three dental chairs and a sterilization area and there is really no extra room whatsoever for more people.

The other factor is that if the local health department were to come into the facility and find individuals working there who are not genuinely trained dental personnel, it could endanger the continuation of the clinic.

Come on down!

What I DO strongly recommend is to consider coming to Cabo anyway, since it is a wonderful vacation destination. There is plenty to do for children and for yourself. Both of the principal housing locations have pools and many of the tourist activities are easy to reach. There are glass bottom boats, para-sailing, whale watching (depending on when you come), ATV tours, zip lines and beaches (a couple of which are NOT for swimming due to the dangerous undertow). In short, it is a fabulous place to bring your family or just come along by yourself for some R&R, tanning and great food.

Further questions

If you have any further questions, please write to me at mexicoprojects@ I will answer any questions you have that remain, but my bottom line is that I want you to feel as comfortable as I do while your spouse is on the project. I have already taken more than 100 volunteers down there (most of them women) and not once did I get any feedback that any of them felt endangered.

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