Optimal Well Being is Within Reach


The foundation of my eating is plant based. That means I eat lots of vegetables and fruits. I include some grains, too. I do not eat many products that come from animals. That means beef, chicken, fish, cheese, eggs, yogurt, or milk. When I do, my choices are as ethical and environmental as possible. That might mean a turkey that was raised at a nearby farm or eggs from a local farmer. No surprise - not many processed foods make it into my grocery cart.

On a daily basis I aim to eat
4 or more fruits
1# of cooked vegetables
1# of raw vegetables
Assorted nuts
A Grain based salad

I live in the great Northwest, which offers the opportunity to eat fabulous salmon. It's delicious.

I also travel regularly. I still stick to my usual foods, but there are times when I might choose something else.

I believe that as I mostly eat in what is more commonly called vegan, I am at my healthiest. I would not have imagined that this would happen - even the the fairly recent past. However, as I have continued to read and study nutrition, I continue to be willing to test new waters for myself. My path has led me to release foods I used to eat. Now that I don't eat them, I don't miss them or want them.

Everyone is on a life path. I think everyone is on a food path.

I think food is amazing, fun and wonderful - to be celebrated and enjoyed. Food is also my foundation for optimal health.

Check out the recipe link for a few of my favorites.

                           Dental Diva Communications Module Re-Cap

Dental Divas – Dealing with Dental Drama


Understanding your own behavior styles and those of your co-workers goes a long way towards understanding each other and improving communications. There are numerous tests available to help you sort out this information.


Here is a brief recap of communicating Do’s and Don’ts:


Do’s                                         Don'ts


Quiet Supporters


Start personally                   Rush to the agenda

Be sincere, candid               Be all cold business

Be patient                             Force responses

Ask “How” questions         Debate facts and figures

Hurt feelings?                       Patronize or bully


Watchful Analyzers


Be direct and prepared      Be messy, unorganized

Be timely, persistent           Dilly-Dally or rush

Be realistic, accurate           Messy, confused

Take time to fact check       Use unreliable sources

Provide facts & figures        Use opinions as facts        


Flamboyant Promoters


Take time to socialize                Curt, cold or tight-lipped

Talk people and goals                Drive facts and abstract

Ask opinions                                Talk down

Let them dream                           Dogmatic

Put details in writing                  Leave things hanging


Dominant Controllers


Be clear and specific                      Ramble or waste time

Stick to business                             Focus on personal relations

Be prepared and organized          Messy or confused

Ask ‘What’ questions                    Ask rhetorical questions

Provide facts & figures                 Speculate




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