The Cabo San Lucas guide(s)

Welcome to the informal Cabo San Lucas guides from the Psaltis family. As you will see, these are not official guides, but rather are our personal observations about Cabo San Lucas and other areas of Baja California Sur, the state in which the famous resort city of Cabo San Lucas resides, as well as other locales, such as Cabo San Jose, Todos Santos and "the corridor," which is the stretch of highway between the two Cabos. I had previously printed a map to correspond to the locations that are described in the Cabo guide, but with google maps and everyone having cell phones, it is actually much easier to google the location and let your phone get you there, so for those of you who have previously used the map, it is now only for the purpose of having a handy map! The restaurants are no longer cross referenced. As for the Cabo guide "with photos," it does include pictures of many of the restaurants, but it, too, does not corresponds with the principal guide (#1 below). However, it took me SO long to create the darned thing that I simply left it anyway so you could enjoy some photographs of some of our favorite places. Ironically, that guide (which is now quite old-- i.e. not updated) DOES correspond with the map (#2 below) so I guess you could say there is still value in using all three. In reality, it is now only #1 that is current

We update the primary guide (#1) each year that we go, so the one you will find here is the 2017 guide, based on our most recent trip in February of 2017. Our intention is not to promote any specific restaurants or businesses, but rather to help the first-time (or casual) traveler to Cabo with the information we have gathered over our 20+ years of going there. We hope you enjoy the guide and that if you have any feedback (or new discoveries) that you will pass them on to us, because things change EVERY year in Cabo. It is no easy task to keep up!

So, without further ado, here are the guides:

1. 2017 Cabo guide without pictures

2. Cabo map (to accompany the guide below)

3. Slightly older Cabo guide with photos

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