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Welcome to the PSILENT PRODUCTIONS webpage.

PSILENT PRODUCTIONS teaches and supports skills for a higher quality of life both in the work place and at home. Through workshops, presentations and consulting Psilent Productions helps people and their organizations activate their lives with improved communications, clearer direction and improved well-being.

Dr. Greg Psaltis integrates his years of pediatric dentistry with insight and humor presenting on a variety of topics that range from several dental areas to practice management to men’s health. Perhaps best known for his Behavior Management programs, Dr. Psaltis enlightens and entertains his audiences with anecdotes from his practice and his active life.

Mary Ellen Psaltis, a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, pens popular food and lifestyles articles for ThurstonTalk. Her lifelong interest in nutrition and healthful living are an energetic boost to her presentations on communication skills, wellness and healthy living. Her background in Property Management and the Automobile Industry add to her business acumen.

Both Greg and Mary Ellen contribute articles to Dental Economics and other publications. Together they facilitate a Couples Retreat weekend for couples looking to enhance their relationship with each other.
You can find a complete list of the topics they present as well as brief descriptions by clicking on the links to your left. You will also find office handouts, dates of upcoming events and information about Dr. Psaltis’ consulting services.

Please feel welcome to contact Greg or Mary Ellen at their e-mail addresses. You may also get further information or make requests by contacting them by telephone or snail mail.


Dr. Greg Psaltis
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Mary Ellen Psaltis
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